Episode 2

Published on:

5th Dec 2022

Spirits in the Airwaves

This is a true story. Today, in late 2022, the radio waves are littered with secret radio stations broadcasting mysterious and spooky transmissions. Known as “number stations,” nobody knows their origin or purpose.

In this episode, we listen to transmissions from these stations, and investigate their unknown origins. 

We’re joined by the wildly popular host of the Cold War Conversations podcast, Ian Sanders. 

We’re also joined by Josh Nass, call tag KI6NAZ, of the #1 Ham Radio Youtube Channel, Ham Radio Crash Course

You can listen to a live stream of a number station without a shortwave radio! Just go to the UVB-76 Livestream.

Mindbender is a show that searches for secrets - the secrets of magicians, tricksters, spies and even death. It’s a new podcast genre: magic audio. It fuses principles of magicians and mentalists like David Blaine and Derren Brown, with historical nonfiction shows like Hardcore History and Radio Lab.

If The X-Files was a true-life podcast, it would be Mindbender. 

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