Episode 1

Published on:

28th Nov 2022

The Oracle - magic tricks and mind control

The cast:

-Gary - young man down on his luck, raised in abuse and alcoholism. 

-Vlad (http://vladdit.com) - a magician trying a psychological experiment; can Gary change his life thanks to a magic trick?

-Oracle - a mysterious character that blesses Gary with a lucky number that will change his life. 

This is a real experiment. A psychological thriller.

What happens when you fuse magic with psychology? What happens when you take a young man with a dark past and throw him into a dark magic trick? Does his life get any better?

Mindbender is a show that searches for secrets - the secrets of magicians, tricksters and death. It’s a new podcast genre: magic audio. It fuses principles of magicians and mentalists like David Blaine and Derren Brown, with historical nonfiction shows like Hardcore History and Radio Lab. If The X-Files was a true-life podcast, it would be Mindbender. 

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About the Podcast

Mystery, Enigma & Magic - A Psychological Thriller
What happens when you fuse magic with psychology? A new podcast genre.
Supernatural, like the X-Files. Magic, like Derren Brown. It's Stephen King-meets-Radio Lab.
Psychological experiments and spooky history.